Monday, August 2, 2010

Paper flowers- Carnations

Folding paper carnation flowers ::
you need ---- Tissue papers , fancy bend-able craft wires/ floral wire,Coloured marker pen, & scissors.

First we need to cut circles out of the tissue papers,
you can make these flowers of ny size, but mostly 3"-4" ones are the best sizes.

aft cutting , hold all the circles together, and using the marker pen of ur choice colour the edge of the circles.

i used approx 14 circles per flower, but 8-10 circles would be fine for a good flower.

Keep these circles together and make 2 holes near the centre of the circles.
 I used a large needle to make the holes, you may use any sharp object.

Now Peirce  the floral wire though the 2 wholes, and lock it at the back of the flower as shown.

Now to make the petals.
Separate the top most circle and crumple it upwards from the centre.
Scrunch up the paper randomly, but try to concentrate on the base of the petal (the centre of the circle) and leave the coloured edges alone.

Now repeat with each circle in turn. Crinkle each circle up individually, and try not to have the folds in the same place each time make it random, and apply soft pressure at the base of each circle.

to make the stem use green floral tape to wrap the wire , use a straw to make it thicker for more realistic look!

ur flower is ready.

make a bouquet :) it looks wonderful

Happy crafting guys ... :)

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