Monday, October 18, 2010

Indian paper dolls - Sarigami

I name this One "SARIGAMI" - which means "Origami of Sari" .
Sari is the National Costume of India. and I love it !
Its 9 yards of fabric that's Draped in a certain manner ...
it looks very sensuous n flattering if worn correctly !
I googled the term "Indian paper dolls"
n i was surprised to see very bad representation of the Indian sari. 
 i am proud to present to u ... Modern India's paper dolls
Take a good look !

Indian paper doll - In Sari

I used my fav, 3 layered patterned tissue papers for this sari ,
because its most essential to use a "fabric like" or "Soft foldable paper" to give a realistic look to the sari as it involves lots of pleats. 
The "WASHI" paper can also be used to make these dolls.
All this is wrapped around a hand made body silhouette ,
Material used to make the body is thin Cardboard.
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