Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lightbox creative Ideas - Craft Workshop2

Here are the latest workshop pictures ! :) 
we have like 10 very enthusiastic kids who love crafting! 

here is a sneak peak 

we all made a collage tree card for Xmas :) 
This is our mess!! and we love it !! :) 
And the final product ! 
wats December without Christmas eve?? We all love this festival ! 

© Lightbox creative ideas - by Pooja 


  1. Thanks so much Pooja! ^____^ Those cards are so cute! I like the patchy/collage like style.

  2. :) thxs alot ! :) keep in touch !

  3. Hi Pooja,

    Its super nice card. Hw was tht collage done ?????

  4. hey there krafty angle ! :D
    the collage is done with magazine paper cut in basic shapes of squares and rectangles , pasted on a patterned paper.


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