Friday, June 3, 2011

We are One!!!

Hi everyone ! 
you must have noticed the new look ,
well its our Blogoversary today ! 
its been an amazing one year! 
Dont even know how it passed by .... 
This journey has made me much more stronger and much more involved 
in smaller things of life that really matter.
What Started as a Small personal Idea , went into being a lil more bigger with every step i took, 
I am very happy to have been this persistent on my blog (I hardly rem myself sticking to one "THING" for long :P :P uh , don't get wrong ideas , when i say thing i mean non living things :D  )
Before i get over emotional with everything,
 its safe to move on to other things about 
this BLOG

In the near future : 

will be Opening its own 
line of -

And more ... 

I'm Hoping to Launch this line with in a few months , and you all will be able to order online. 

will update everyone from time to time . 

You may also check out my Digital prints on sale from our LTL Prints Shop

On a lighter note ....
 Look what my Brother got me from UK! 
A gift from my dearest brother. 
so long guys ! see u soon with more updates and crafty stuff .
PS : dont forget to Join out GIVEAWAY, its open till 6th June. 

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  1. congrats pooja.. and great stuff ur bro's gotten for you.. what exactly do u plan to do with the mini Eiffel tower??

  2. Excellent! Look forward to your supplies!

  3. Great news!!! :) Wish u all the luck!!! and tht some nice stuff u got thr!

  4. @ all thank u so much Ladies ! :)
    Im happy to have all ur superb support ! :)
    @ khush - thats an original from paris :) just plan to rest it on my workstation :P :P

  5. hey lovely stuff !!cn u mail me ur add. ASAP ??


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