Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good News

Hey guys ! :)
I have really good news to share with u all .... 
in the past few weeks i have been busy
trying to finalize something really important as per my crafty side is concerned. 
I am extremely happy to share that
I am now an official designer for
Yeyyy to that !! 
I am truly grateful that they recognized my work and potential to do justice to their products. 
Coming to that ... 
I just got a lifetime full of sizzix products :D 
 so i got my 1st ever big shot machine !! :) 
PS: i had been secretly saving for this machine :) now i can splurge that in buying new stuff !!
 (yeah im already dreaming) :P
So this was my Update on the recent developments Please stay tuned 
for my amazing new journey with sizzix !
God bless 


  1. Thanks for droping a line on my blog post and commenting on the flower. It's very encouraging...!!!

  2. Congrats Pooja on making it to the DT team for Sizzix ...Wow that's so amazing !!! guess we will get to see more beautiful creation's from you from now on:)

  3. thanks hussena so happy abt this . Thanks 4 ur kind comments


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