Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drawer card

Hi all 
Today im in a lot of hurry 
so here is quick post on what i made for the BGC - Accessorise challenge
Where in we had to use some sort of male and/ or female accessories or clothing items on our projects !
So i decided to do an overflowing drawer!!
I have been obsessing over a drawer idea for a long time and this challenge seemed fit to use it !
take a look 

The only trick here is to use a die at the bottom of your card . 
I have used
The die comes in a lot of sizes so i had no difficulty in cutting my cardstock in the same shape but a bit smaller. It certainly comes out well !
I then used the biggest die and cut out a fresh piece , layered it with the brown PP and stuck it from behind 
on the top where the fold or score line of the card  goes. 

  The drawers are just on top with one side open so that i could stuff things in. 
so i went with ribbons , scissors , a hat , 
some jewelry falling out , a purse , a nice dress , a clock (:P funny i know)
pearls , a tiny bikini :D (its totally handcut ) 
everything a girl would have in her drawers .... 
thats about it then 
Hope u like it and u will join us in the challenge 

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