Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting to know me Blog hop

Hi everybody !!!!
Today's post is a little different than my usual craft ramblings.
I am participating in a " Getting to know me " Blog hop. This hop is going on all over the world with crafty people or writers tagging 2 or more friends to continue the chain. 
I was tagged by Nikita from Infinite Emotions to join in. 
You can get to know her a bit better HERE

I met Nikita on Facebook and we started interacting when she applied for Beyond Grey Challenges as a design team member. I don't usually befriend people online that easily but somehow Nikita and i had that wonderful connection of friendship right away ! 
In a way it just clicked because we think alike in some areas and we are absolutely opposite in other . 
Now i can proudly say she is one of the only few people from blogsphere
 i have met in person and is a close friend. 
With that said i think she is an incredible crafter who is full of new and fun ideas (Craft wise and otherwise) 
I think she is a fabulous quilling artist and her style is CAS definitely !
Keep it up gal ! 

So time for answering the questions then ! 

1. What am I working on at the moment?

 I go one project at a time and i make it a point to finish it and then move on. 
I will give you a peak at what i am doing at the moment ,Its a project for one of my design teams. 
I also just got my new Promarker pens so as an when i get time i get practising and playing with my alcohol markers. 

2. How does my craft work differ from others of the same genre?

Well i do have a distinct style to do things and i think it shows. 
I think i am a moody and spontaneous crafter . The only way i am different from others would be that i dont stick to one style . There are seasons to my designing (depending on my mood and mojo) sometimes its CAS , sometimes its layered , or shabby other times its just mixed media. 

3. Why do I create?

I started this blog 5 years ago to document my craft work.
At that time i was more into Oil / watercolour paintings and origami . I used to take crafting workshops for kids and it all sort of started developing from there. 
One day i just stumbled upon a card making blog and i was blown away with what i saw there ! The author had listed supplies and shared a few tips. Which really made me google everything about those products. I think that was my inspiration for documenting everything because if i hadnt stumbled upon that blog i wouldn't have even tried my hands on Card making and scrap booking. And now i cant seem to stop !

These were some of my oldest posts ! 

:) gosh that is such a trip down memory lane! 

4. How does my creating process work?

Well like i said i am a spontaneous crafter , so something somewhere will just inspire me and then my head is always buzzing with 10 different ideas. Its when i sit on my craft table surrounded with my craft supplies i finally understand which idea to work on. My creative process is "figuring out as i go" kind .
Which means when i start something i am not 100% sure of the outcome and i start with a basic idea from my head and work it out as i go. 

So thats about it !!! :) from me ! 
I hope that you enjoyed the post now comes the time to tag two more people ! 
Here we go ! 

I am tagging Olga a wonderful crafter from Russia ! She blogs at By-Cataleya
I met her on FB and instantly fell in love with her design aesthetics !
She works with all sorts of colors ! Yellow and green being more prominent.
I really want to know more about her work process that's why i decided to tag her.
She is wonderful person and a beautiful woman. I am sure you will really like her work.
She will be posting on the 1st of September so do check her blog then.

next person i want to tag is


Bipasha is my sister from another mother. We both have the same thoughts , like the same movies, love the same type of food and read the same books !!
She currently lives in Australia and we are continents apart but i hope to meet her someday.
Her design work is very shabby and vintage . All of those who love Prima would totally LOVE her work.
She just made it as a Prima Educator for 2014-15 and i am thrilled to see her new improved version of crafting skills.She blogs at Bk's Creative Corner and i am sure you would want to know more about her work process . She will also be posting on the 1st of September so do check her blog then.

So i hope you had a good time reading.
I cant wait to see what these two lovely ladies post on the 1st !!

Have a Jolly Good Day all of you !



  1. Great to know about you Pooja. You always do beautiful crafts :)

  2. Its so nice to get to know a little more about you Pooja ..your work is gorgeous and so inspiring :)

  3. First of all, wow!! Thank you, for such kind words... People hardly have nice things to say about me. So I love you, but you know that anyway!! :-*

    Even though we have been talking to each other for a while now - almost a year, I think - this was still amazing to read. It's so good to know you a little better!!! And so many pictures of your work all together make the page so colourful! Love it!!

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Nikita... :)

  4. Its feels awesome to know a litte more about you pooja, as always stunning creations Good luck!


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