Thursday, May 19, 2011

Decor idea - Potpourri

Hi guys !
I have just come up with this lovely potpourri for my living room.
i really enjoyed making this.
Its stuff i collect from all over india , all dried and colored. 
i preferred the color theme of Red, Gold, and brown. 
these have been scented too. 

here is a closer look @ some of the items u cud add to ur potpourri 
(Y spend unnecessary cash on it when u can make it @ home !)

Add these and u will never regret it ! 

Ever thought abt ur used (eaten) corn ???? Dry it n voila!!! 
The one on the Right is a vegetable Sponge gourd  (Gilki) dried on the tree itself. 

everyones fav Pine cones!
 these are a must have, 
i got these ones (and more) from Ooty, india (Fresh out of the pine tree forest ;) )

This is a dried lotus fruit pod , painted gold in acrylic. 

its amazing to find such unique looking things all around us , 
and using these to create something is even more amazing. 
Hope u loved this lil bit as much as i did creating it. 
God bless!

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  1. wow!.. love the idea!.. what are those red balls though?
    thanks for sharing! :)

  2. thxs spardha !
    the red ones are called Rattan Balls :) one can even make em @ home ... lil messy :D but ... lovely will update u soon on that


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