Friday, May 6, 2011

The Shopper's find - West Elm List

while i was just looking around for new decor ideas 
i found some amazing items @ 
west elm online. 
here are a few things i loved ! 


Convex mirrors are sort of new .... who knew this would work ?
 but i think it looks absolutely amazing !
These pretty babies are available @ West Elm

How about something Floral ? 
i really love the nude tone of this one.
you may buy this elegant piece @ west elm


I found this very interesting ...
Buy these Recycled stacking vases here

if you want to add that element of surprise !


For your Sea life inspirations... 
Buy these here

Mirrored hangings for that funky corner in your house ,

something Porcelain ? to light that candle :) 
i personally love candle lighting way too much to explain. 

Hope u liked my compilation 
I find west elm very affordable , also there are some g8 discounts going on. 
Cya till next time ! 
god bless!

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