Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flower tutorial - Layered flower

Hey guys 
Hope all of u are doing great. 
I have been really busy juggling my time between work and crafting 
 Any way :) i have a tutorial for u this time 
Well the above picture is the standard way of doing it. 
But i tried something else. 
 Thats how it cuts 
I used the pie lane paper its glitter dusted from one side and solid color on the other.

 Now using ur quilling tools , just curl the petals inward 

 And that's the center piece
Arrange all the petals accordingly and voila !! 
Hope u like it !
Im sure ur thinking of grabbing ur own layered flower die :) 
well then what are u waiting for ?? 
until next time 
Cheers !! 

Supplies : 

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    Thank you


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