Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tissue flowers with sizzix

Hello there 
Hope u all are doing well :) 
 Since i got some more free time i am back with
 the flower tutorial i promised you all  urmm .. yes yesterday  :D 
I can safely call myself a blog addict now but im sure many of you are happy about this :D 
(except my mom :P )
So okay here is how i made the flowers in my last bday card . 

Well these flowers are pretty simple if u have a big shot and 
the Sizzix Framelits Die Set 5PK w/Stamp - Bold Pop Designs  
this was just a trial that came out successful :) 
i love handmade flowers and i keep experimenting with various papers and materials 
to get something new.  
I used some very soft colored tissue paper that i picked up at a local exhibition. 
its a great shade of pink which i like. 
so there are about 5-6 thin layers of tissue paper in there. 
i used the following wafer thin die to cut out the flower. 
then with a needle i punctured a hole in the center after which
I just passed through a mulberry paper flower from the center.

Once done , Just bring all the tissue upwards (Now be very careful , its delicate)
and press at the base of it.
Since its a tissue paper it easily shapes itself. 
all u have to do now is squeeze at the tips with a light hand (again be careful)

 Once this is done maybe 2-3 times u can softly (with the help of ur fingers) 
Open the petals from the center. 
So thats how it looks :)

 easy peesy right ?
thanks for joining me here yet again :) 

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