Sunday, March 27, 2011

Card - Magical Day

Hi everyone , 
I know its been a while , but have been a lil busy here , 
I attempted some card making recently , 
Tried a 3 layer Bow on it , worked around some leftover card stocks and my new kit of Paper mania - Midnight fairytales Clear stamps. already in love with clear stamps. 
I like anything that has the word REUSE to it ... (Restricted to crafts only :P :Lol )
i got these stamps from england ,and m very happy with the results. 
take a look. 


Hope u enjoyed my Try :) 


  1. Yuhoo ;) Me the first to comment!!

    The fairy in the green dress and with golden hair is so beautiful :).. What'r u calling her??

  2. @ Ahi - thankyou dear , i dint name her yet :P
    @ All - thankyou so much for liking this , gives me great motivation to do more. :)

  3. What a lovely have a wonderful blog...I'm not following you :)


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