Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rise from the fall

This piece is the Centre spread of my sketchbook that i made for the Sketchbook project.
 The basic inspiration here is Rising from the past , 
to a Beautiful brighter present ... 
Past it not supposed to be forgotten 
hence taking a part of the past with us forward ... we rise and flourish. 
The tree on the left is getting Old and perishing 
but the tree on the right has the bark and the roots of the Older tree
 (sort of not forgetting where it came from)... 

Point is .... never forget who u were ... before u celebrate who u are now!

On the Left side ,I used a news paper and painted it with orange , vermillion and cadmium yellow in watercolor to create the desired effect....
then cut out a tree's pattern with falling leaves & pasted a Glitter paper @ the back, (used a cutter ... little time consuming but effective) 
then used washi paper, golden lace & Feng shui coins for embellishment. 

On the right I painted the dolly paper into a bright green and yellow, (Yes its messy)
added the Bark of the previous tree (Very delicate work ... phew!)
and lots of diff buttons and stick on's for embellishment. 

Hope u like my effort ... 
try something similar and keep me posted ! 
good nite, God bless!! :) 

© Lightbox creative ideas - by Pooja  

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