Tuesday, March 8, 2011

candle setting

Don't we just love candles ? 
They just change the whole look of a space they are used in... 
But what do u do when u want to plan something nice or romantic 
and all u are left with is a set of dull looking candles ...
here is a tip 
Look around you .... u will find the answer !

I came up with this candle setting sometime back when i was planning a table setting for a dinner at home. 
I was sort of in a candle crisis and had no time to buy a new pack of good ones. 
so here is what i did 
I looked around for anything to contain my candle that wont look bad and i found a small juice glass , which was the only one left out unbroken from the set i first bought. 
It still needed a lil touch of something ... it still looked too plain .... (and I dont like plain)
here is what i Gathered form my craft supplies (Mostly leftovers)

And this is the final Product !

happy women's day everyone :) 
Have Fun! 

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  1. oh its so beautiful and romantic.....

    Yep i hard fun women's day. Thank God I am a woman.

  2. ha ha .... :) we must hav done something right to deserve being women :)
    thanks for following :) n visiting often .


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