Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floral candles

Due to so many powercuts in my neighbourhood this summer.... we used up so many candles in the daily candle light dinners .... i realized i cud use those chunks of wax in making some nice shaped candles ...

I started by Melting the wax , Use 2 containers .... smaller one has wax, n the bigger one has boiling water, place the small one in the bigger container. n melt the wax.

Now this has to be a lil Quick.... as soon as the wax is hot n melted , pour it on a steel plate and as soon as its semi solid (still mouldable) cut out petals for the flower  (5 petals will do)
now start smoothing the edges and quickly start blending the petals together to form a flower.

If they become too solid n you cant Join them together , jus use a lit candle n drip some wax on where u want to stick .
Meanwhile keep a thick thread ready Which has to be dipped in molten wax and then dried.

Once your Flower is ready Peirce a nail through the centre to stuff the thread inside n with a drop of wax from a lighted candle jus secure the hole.

and we r done ! :) Gift it , store it, use it ! ur wish!

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