Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project: Hanging Hearts

Here is a simple project tht can be done by nyone! Inspired by the DIY valantine edition :)
So here is what u do

To make this .... Choose ur paper... suggested colors are Pink / red /Orange etc(girly colors)
Now cut Strips of sheet 2cm wide and starting from 4 inches in length keep increasing length by 1 inch ... till u feel u have enough hearts. :)  i took bout 8 strips..

Now fold the paper strip frm the center, and With the help of a Pencil roll the edges of the paper inwards.

and the end result is a Heart... sumthing like this

Now make a few hearts in the same way, as much as u want , and String the heart garland together from the bottom up. I used a Shiny thin thread, available at any fabric store.Push your threaded needle up through the bottom fold of each heart, then use double stick tape ( 2way tape) to sandwich the thread between the two halves of the curled tops.

Join as many as u like and ur hanging hearts are ready!!
here is wat one of mine looks like... Simple and fun :) isnt it?

Good luck crafters keep it up!
cya round

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