Monday, March 22, 2010

Origami Stars with lights

I love blending 2 things ....Lights and stars seemed apt ... :)
here is a DIY..... lets first make Our stars

Take a Magazine paper/ wrapping paper (any good color,Solid or mixed colors will do) cut strips of full length & width could be 1.5 cm - 2 cm (n so on if you need bigger stars ..But its best with 1.5cm wide strips..)
 Now keeping the Desired Patterned side of the strip face down, Make a Knot on the right side of the strip, Leave Maximum amount of the strip to yourleft.
Copy the knot as shown in the picture, and tighten it .... the result will be an incomplete Pentagon shape
Now Fold the right end under and secure under another fold to finish one more end of the pentagon.
Now keep folding the loose end of the strip over the Pentagon in such a way that it wraps ever side at least twice

Secure the end under the top layer and your pentagon is formed.

Push inside the centers of each side of the pentagon to create the star  as shown below

 jus Secure the Starts on the christmas Lighting threads With a srong Glue. :) n we r done!
Happy crafting !! :)


  1. this is pretty coool... and seems so much fun! great post :)

  2. glad u liked it ! :) its diwali time n m using so many of these !


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