Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paper Lantern Hangings !

With Diwali (an Indian Festival, Of lights ) around the corner , I really thought some Paper ornamentation should be Awesome to Adorn your house !
These Paper hangings are the Simplest thing in the World to make! :)

all u need is

-Quilling Strips
- Stapler with Pins 
- Strong Thread
(Could use Nylon, Or Thick Gold / Silver Threads)

Process :

- First Decide colors that u are going to use from your Quilling strips !
Make sure u use A few colors for the layers as it looks better that way!
(PS: this craft can be done By manually cutting strips out of Card paper , Handmade paper.)

- Now cut 2 strips in 11 cm , 2 in 9cm , 2 in 7 cm & 1 Strip 5 cm in length.
The shortest one comes in the centre ,
Next come the 7 cm strips one on each side of the Shortest Strip ,
n then 9 cm strips one on each side of the 7 cm strips, n so on
(More layers can be added , just increase length with 2-3 cm )

-Now Hold the tops of all the strips together, make sure they are flush,
then staple them together.

-Now line up the bottom edges on the opposite side,
so that they are flush too, and staple the end. Your paper lantern Ornament is ready !
(PS: U may cover the stapled Ends with a patterned Tape too, but we kept it simple.) 

- Now all there is left to do is to Sew though the paper hangings Join them on a stick or a Ring On the top, side by side , with varied Lengths. so then it looks somthing like this ! 

So try it n, Knock your self out !!

© Lightbox creative ideas - by Pooja

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  1. Woww.. Now that's pretty Simple and Wonderful. Its so colorful and easy to make within no time. I Like it. Def gona try it out.. Will not wait till Diwali :)) Cheers.. Looking fwd for more such Crafts :)

  2. he he :) thxs darlin !
    do lemme know how they come out :)
    Btw .... send me a pic of ur Room ... the wall art everyone is saying is Awsome !!
    :) could feature u On my blog !! :) :)
    Hugs !!
    keep visiting !
    - Pooja

  3. I saw something similar with a heart shape. Yours is very nice.
    came here via ICR room
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter


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