Sunday, September 12, 2010

Floral decor - In Glassware

We all do our floral arrangements in expensive glassware....
ever wondered how many other glass articles n even plastic bottles can be found in our own homes ...that can actually look classy and vintage !
with the right flower arrangement !
here take a look !

check out the Lil glasses covered with paper n tied with ribbon :)  to finish the look and some candles ! Romantic ...

check out all the Medicine/ spa lotions / beauty products Bottles ....
All shapes and sizes are cool !
very Natural....

Use Leftover tall glasses (Sometimes Most of ur glasses break -out of the sets :) n only one or two are left n don't look nice to serve... use em in decor!) 
Use dry flowers and real ones...pebbles or pearls...
very couture...

Old funnels for ur out door parties :)
very Vintage

some more glasses :)  with Paper Origami stars
Very Fun

Paper flowers :)


So don't throw away those Lovely looking bottles keep em .... Save Some on those expensive Glassware!!
Isnt it jus Great !!

© Lightbox creative ideas - by Pooja


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