Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

It is here !!!!!
i have been waiting for the awesome sketchbook to come since Quite a while .... n some how i had a feeling it will come today ! :) intuitions dont lie .... its here !
m already workin on it !
Hav decided to finish the book by the end of Dec 2010 n ship it back to Brooklyn.
Already done with the first few pages ! :)
will post pictures soon ...
Here is how the empty one looks :) :)

Wish me luck on this one guys :) :) 
cant wait to finsh it ! :)

stay in touch for more !

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  1. All my best wishes r fr u dear.... god bless u ... u will do well.... :) :)

  2. thxs a lot Darlin :)
    Keep in touch :)


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