Sunday, March 28, 2010

3-D origami Ball

this is how the 3d origmi is made follow the simple steps ...

 Cut out circles of Your pattered craft paper (i used mag pages :D )

Cut along the radius


Now make Cones out of each side



tape/ glue 2 peices together .... n form a 4 cone structure
make @ least 8-9 four cone structures
and Join them together , i used tape , but one can use Glue dots.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floral candles

Due to so many powercuts in my neighbourhood this summer.... we used up so many candles in the daily candle light dinners .... i realized i cud use those chunks of wax in making some nice shaped candles ...

I started by Melting the wax , Use 2 containers .... smaller one has wax, n the bigger one has boiling water, place the small one in the bigger container. n melt the wax.

Now this has to be a lil Quick.... as soon as the wax is hot n melted , pour it on a steel plate and as soon as its semi solid (still mouldable) cut out petals for the flower  (5 petals will do)
now start smoothing the edges and quickly start blending the petals together to form a flower.

If they become too solid n you cant Join them together , jus use a lit candle n drip some wax on where u want to stick .
Meanwhile keep a thick thread ready Which has to be dipped in molten wax and then dried.

Once your Flower is ready Peirce a nail through the centre to stuff the thread inside n with a drop of wax from a lighted candle jus secure the hole.

and we r done ! :) Gift it , store it, use it ! ur wish!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Origami Stars with lights

I love blending 2 things ....Lights and stars seemed apt ... :)
here is a DIY..... lets first make Our stars

Take a Magazine paper/ wrapping paper (any good color,Solid or mixed colors will do) cut strips of full length & width could be 1.5 cm - 2 cm (n so on if you need bigger stars ..But its best with 1.5cm wide strips..)
 Now keeping the Desired Patterned side of the strip face down, Make a Knot on the right side of the strip, Leave Maximum amount of the strip to yourleft.
Copy the knot as shown in the picture, and tighten it .... the result will be an incomplete Pentagon shape
Now Fold the right end under and secure under another fold to finish one more end of the pentagon.
Now keep folding the loose end of the strip over the Pentagon in such a way that it wraps ever side at least twice

Secure the end under the top layer and your pentagon is formed.

Push inside the centers of each side of the pentagon to create the star  as shown below

 jus Secure the Starts on the christmas Lighting threads With a srong Glue. :) n we r done!
Happy crafting !! :)


we made these for an indian wedding invitaion as a personalized inlet inside the main Wedding card with details of various functions happening frm the engagement to the wedding ..... 
Lovely isnt it? All handmade magic :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project : Magazine Gift bows

In those Gift wrapping emergencies.... make urself an easy Magazine gift bow
here is how...
1. Take a Magazine page cut strips 1.5cm to 2 cm Wide, the first 3 strips need to run the full length of the paper
2. cut the next 3 strips 1 inch shorter than the previous
3. The Next 2 strips need to be 2 inches shorter than the last ones.
4. last strip is about 3.5 inches shorter.

5. Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple at center. Shape the last, short strip into a circle and  glue it.
6.Now layer the 3 longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue or 2-way tape. Add the next two groups of loops, the same way. And then stick the circle into the center.
and we r done!

easy? :) have fun

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Magzine coasters!

Wonder wat to do with old magzines??? I jus found an intresting entry on the same ! and i made a few myself!

arent they nice?

to make ones yourself  click here.

Project: Hanging Hearts

Here is a simple project tht can be done by nyone! Inspired by the DIY valantine edition :)
So here is what u do

To make this .... Choose ur paper... suggested colors are Pink / red /Orange etc(girly colors)
Now cut Strips of sheet 2cm wide and starting from 4 inches in length keep increasing length by 1 inch ... till u feel u have enough hearts. :)  i took bout 8 strips..

Now fold the paper strip frm the center, and With the help of a Pencil roll the edges of the paper inwards.

and the end result is a Heart... sumthing like this

Now make a few hearts in the same way, as much as u want , and String the heart garland together from the bottom up. I used a Shiny thin thread, available at any fabric store.Push your threaded needle up through the bottom fold of each heart, then use double stick tape ( 2way tape) to sandwich the thread between the two halves of the curled tops.

Join as many as u like and ur hanging hearts are ready!!
here is wat one of mine looks like... Simple and fun :) isnt it?

Good luck crafters keep it up!
cya round

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