Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre order ENDS for sept !

Hey everyone ! 
thanks so much for an overwhelming response to Lightbox Creative Store
 In just 4 days we recived orders for more than 300 $ . 
So with this Sept pre orders have closed and your orders have been placed ! 
we are happy to provide u the best of Imports available. 
If u have a wishlist !
mail it over to us @
The latest stuff thats added to our Retail list is - MAGNOLIA STAMPS ! 
Be it magnolia mini's or just usual magnolia stamps , we shall b happy to provide almost all of em! 
as of now its all available on PRE ORDER   (which works best for everyone !)
Next months orders will soon be taken.... keep ur wallet near !! :D 
Hav a g8 day !

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday card

It has been a really good week for me !
I have passed an imp exam with 82 % and I won some mouthwatering PIE LANE 
goodies in ICRC9 with my Xmas card ! :D 
Feel superrr good !! 
and this what i won ! :D 

So here is what i have been upto last few days ! 
first it was my sister's bday , so decided to gift her a card (Which she LOVED) 
so i picked up the ICRC10 Layout  & combined it with TCR Palette# 77 and voila !!
Magic happened ! (Drum roll ) 

Here is my creation ! 

 A Cute lil bday card for my sis , 
with a fabric flower (Handmade off course !)
Materials used - 
DP - Polka dots by Pink paislee (butterfly garden)
other DP by Authentic
 Punches - By jeff Butterfly & Border 
Stamp - inkadinkado

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have been meaning to post this card sooner which i made like a week ago 
but my schedule kept me on my toes ! 
Never mind here i am ....
This is a tiny lil card on the theme HOME 
i made this just for fun :) Have been doing this shape since a while so here it is 

Its a house shaped card with -
handmade felt flowers 
Die cut - Circles 
 jeff  Punch - butterfly
Punch - Border
Metal butterfly with Pie lane Pink sparkle
button (local)
Prima - Song notes clear stamp 
Handmade Hat pins 
Ribbon - LBCS
hope u enjoyed it ! 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bday wish

Hi everyone !! 
i have another creation for u !
This one was totally last min .... a card made for my colleague on her Bday. 
Best part i hid it in her cupboard @ work and wrote on the envelop 
which was a big surprise :D for her ! coz she didn't expect it :P 
nyway ! getting on to the card ! 

Materials Used : 
Hobby ideas pre scored card & envelop 
Bird stamp by Glitz
Chandelier  stamp by Prima
Glitter by Pie lane 
purple circle (local)
Ribbon (local)
Sentiment - hobby ideas 

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Monday, September 12, 2011

watercolor landscape

Hi guys ! 
its been a while since i posted any Paintings 
here is a rather old one but i really enjoyed doing this :) 
its all in my fav medium 
Watercolors !!
somthing that was for the Last few pages of my Sketchbook for the sketchbook 
project , 

So here u go !
i 1st hand drew the landscape on the moleskin paper 
(of the sketchbook, yes the paper is a lil tricky but i loved every bit of it ! )

 and then let my artistic hands do the talkin :D 
 Can u see the shadow ?? 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Handmade Penguin

Hi everyone !
here is a lil somthing i made during my Montessori course!
its a Penguin!
and oh ! its colorful :D 
we made it out of mix of White glue, cornflour , toilet paper .... 
and made a doe out of it !
(1 roll of toilet paper ,500 gms of flour and 500 grm of white glue , little water )
 (yes!! its sticky and messy!)

the doe takes time to make .... bt the out come is good
we need to keep mixing White glue and water to the flour and paper tissue till its smooth and lump free. 
Make sure u tear the Tissue papers really small before making the doe 
unless u do that it wont work out!
here is the final outcome - all painted in acrylic

 he holds some of my handmade paper flowers ! :D 
and a tri colored muffler made of Yarn.
 its as though the penguin is coming out of water
this one is rock solid when it dries !
one can make anything out of this doe - it dries in 24 hrs so u have all day to shape it the way u want ! 
I made a lot of flowers out of it. 
if the doe is left over just wrap it in a pollybag and store @ room temp and use with in 2-3 days. 
Hope u liked the idea !
God bless!!

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