Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Workshop -card

Here is what we did last Sunday !
I gave them a lil task of making a Card out of waste materials ,
Things like Card boards from old books, tissue papers , left over ribbons , newspapers , Left over colors from the pallet etc were used. 
the girls went all imaginative with the techniques i showed them...

They were told to incorporate a twisted Tissue flower, a butterfly , a few leaves in there cards.
here is the work in progress 
working the mess ! tic tok tic tok.....

A lil bit of Spray painting 

 The Three musketeers ..... they were the first 3 to finish on time :) 

Now for the best of the lot - we all chose the best card as this one 

Love the buttons :) 
Happy crafting !god bless!! 

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