Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bliss - Layout

hi guys ! :) 
Back again i am with another layout !
I had finished making some handmade flowers that u must have seen in my previous post,
and i tried a few paper punching tricks given by a fellow crafter at ICR. 
And it just so happned that i fixed myself a layout
Have a look ...... 

Below is a Handmade flourish covered in Sparkles in  by "Pie lane"
 And a few more flowers :) aren't they pretty ??? :)
Dp -pink paislee , Flowers - handmade by LBCS , Gray paper & sparkles - Pie lane ,  
 chip board letters - maya road.
 Hope u all are having a sweet november....
Keep the creative alive in you !
God bless !


  1. Gorgeous! Love the flowers!!! so pretty..!

  2. Flowers look beautiful and the leaves unique!

  3. gorgeous flowers ..
    they happen to be my weakness..
    gorgeous did you make them ?

  4. lovely flowers.... i insisted on Sri sending me some silk paper seeing these flowers...

  5. wow your flowers look beautiful i liked the flourishes too so lovely....
    and pooja thank you so much for your DT b'day card i just got it yesterday:) its so pretty!!

  6. So so gorgeous!! love the frame..super work!

  7. :) i love u guys ! :)
    @ jovi - good ! that paper is my fav !! :D i got like 5-6 paper packs of it :) :D

  8. Love the BLISS!!! In particular the color combo with those gorgeous flowers making their presence felt.... :D

    Ash... :)


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