Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flowers !

Hey guys !
Its been a little lonely lately on the blog !!
i know i haven't blogged in a few weeks. 
i see my mojo returning a little 
and thats when i tried making a few flowers :) 
Here is what i made! 

 I started of with some potted hydrangea flowers in blue , and when it turned out so great !! I went for a pink one too :)

Soon i also played with my scraps and made some poppies !
I kinda love the look they give ! 

I am soon going to start online classes for the same :) 
The registrations are on going , so if anyone would like to join please email to 



  1. Glamorous as ever Poo :) !!Loved them to the maxx...!!

  2. The potted hydrangeas are lovely and loved the poppies too !


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