Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Moleskin Test

The more i imagine, the more .... i fall in love with art ...
n sketchbook project is jus another chance to explore my Doodling side !
I tried On some Tests on my Sketchbook ....
With Water colors and a Fluid ink Black Pen .... :)
the very easily available ,
Reynolds trimax pen in Black , & Camel artists water color cakes.
(PS: If u didnt already know! Moleskin is So thin to work on, it really required some testing ! )

Verdict : Camel Artists' Watercolor cakes  Worked Well , didnt leave much of an imprint behind the paper ... but left a lil bit of Puckering around the edges , U cant Use too much water if u Like doing tht .. while painting ! Plus U have to be Quick ... while painting.

The Reynolds trimax pen in Black  was really superb to my surprise !  it dint leave much of an imprint on the backside of the page Plus it comes in 4 diff colors - Black , Red , Blue, Green !
kinda Superb ! and its got a good grip :)

Happy sketching !! :)
keep visiting ! :)

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