Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upcycled DustBin -

Hi readers ! 
Its been a great week , our Giveaway is closed successfully  , 
And work is Going smooth. 
I want to share with u this Upcycle idea , 
that i just had ...and implemented.
We all know the need of a Dust bin @ our workstation !! 
I jus Used som Patterned paper on an Old Cardboard box 
And the bow does the rest ! 
check it out - 
Changed this box into 


  1. oh pooja... this is something I really need... gonna make it as soon as I can get my hands on a box..

  2. @ jovi - its a useful idea , do lemme knw how it turns out , i just made a few for my house and they all look pretty cute :)
    although A lining of Plastic bag or cellophane should be put inside just incase some1 drops something wet into the bin.

  3. Your follow button is missing. Same thing happened last time I visited too

  4. @ sonia - its there .... maybe it took a while to load ?


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