Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Up cycled Book - Card holder.

This is an awesome idea that i just worked on yesterday !
Old books were catching dust on my shelf  
But what better way to Used them :) 
I created a Card / stamped image holder for myself ! :) 
check it out 

When u have a Nice Old book with thicker pages this is how ur card holder looks
I worked with a Thinner page book added a few flowers on the side and a ribbon all over ! :) 

- Make sure u choose a book with over 100 pages.
- Remove the Cover of the book. 
- Open the center of the book , Start folding it inwards into half (Yes each page !!)
- Now stick the book on the cover (Use cover as the base, keep edges crisp n clean.)
And ur done ! :) 

try 1 of ur own , hope it comes out well.

Do vote for us !


  1. Fab idea!.. love it!.. Although I don't think I'd be able to make it as i love my books wayyy too much! :D

  2. Spardha.. I'm the same way too. I love my books too much. but it dawned on me. A lot of library's have a yearly book sale of books that are donated that don't make it to the shelves. You could always get one there and support your local libarary and do the same thing :D I'm thinking this might be a cool idea for Christmas cards :D

  3. @ spardha - to tell u the truth :D i used my mom's old book for this :P n when she saw it as much as she liked the outcome, she was furious at me when she realized its her book :P :D :D
    but i like the utility part of it , i think what LACE says is true and a g8 idea too library book sales. !! :D

  4. Puja ,

    I liked your craft and appreciate,your talent.


    Navi Mumbai

  5. Nice idea! :) specially for old used up books :)


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