Sunday, October 23, 2011

A window card - with filling

hi guys !
long time ago , when i started card making i had made this card with a lot of filling in it :D 
i still remember alot of ppl asking me for a tutorial ! 
So now that i was cleaning my lappy folders .... i found the pics i had taken ! 
so here goes the tutorial !
Sorry for the bad photography - its with a mobile cam (thats what i had @ that time !! STONE AGE)

Okay so first its time to gather all ur supplies ..... 
since it was my "Primitive age" of Card making skills  
all the charms i had (almost all) were handmade .

 even this ! :D 
Well so time for the layout - 
i dont rem the size now ... but as u can make out from the picture below 
that the card is supposed to have 3 flaps (equal all of them) 

So mark ur windows of the same size on both flaps towards left. 
 fold and check ! it would look somthing like this 
after cutting.

 here is how it looks from the inside

 Now u need to sandwich a clear polythene / clear plastic pouch
 in between the windows !  secure with 2 way tape or glue dots 
And seal the windows together !
Somthing like this ....
Dont worry about arranging the charms inside just let them be .. 
i added another lil red card inside with my message for my best friend .... 



  1. super!! even the primitive age taught us a lot..this is by no means simple..a wonderful effort..I love the little knic knacks you've added!!

  2. so cute!!! such a sweet assortment of pretty pretty stuff!!!

  3. @kalyan - thankyou so much
    @ tejal - :D ur most kind :) thankyou
    @ shalini - hugs !!! thanksss


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