Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pro-markers put to test !

Hey guys !
recently i was gifted a whole pack of pro markers !!!! 
(On my special day , with love :) :) my heart is melting :D )
Well this makes me really happy :D
So i sat this time and tried my 1st ever pro marker coloring 
well, i agree i need practice , but i see potential !!(in myself :D )
Here is what i made for a recent order. 
This is a tiny card that has a loving Poem inside 
from someone to his wife :) (so romantic !! )
here is the mini card 

I used my Gorjuss stamp set UK for the image :) 
isnt she awesome ?? 
Yes yes i know :D i have kept her under wraps for a long time and she had been itching to come out :)
I am not so sure abt the hair but the dress came out really well :) 
I didnt see any tutorials for this but i really loved the feel of promarkers when i put them to use 
The paper i used was just as random as anything 
but the color still blended well , it sort of spreads to all sides frm the point u have used it. 
so i refrained from using it exactly @ the corners just near to them and my work was done . 
I used the shade of yellow 1st and blended it with green on top. 
I have to thank Tejal for this set :)  who helped  put together the promarkers set. 
Now im just gonna order more :) :)
Next im going to try these on COLD PRESS PAPER
Lets see how that goes
i have high hopes.
have a g8 day ahead:)
Cheers !!


  1. No. 1 benefit of hooking up with someone in UK ! ;)
    I envy the set but I do see much more potential ..hence I refrain from being so loud about it.
    Enjoy it and its good to keep few things under the wraps :D

  2. buhaa haa haaa haaa (Devil laff ! )


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