Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Doodle card !

Hello eveyone :) 
We are playing a fun challenge @ BGC   
 "Oooodles of Dooodles...
Fun right ? 
All u have to do is doodle somthing on your card or layout

I would like to welcome back our sponsor 

They are offering a generous 5 free digi's prize to the winner

Okay for starters i found this one pretty challenging , 
It sounds easy but its not !
I thought a lot about it tried a few things but wasnt satisfied 
before turning to my own painting for inspiration 
That was the doodling i did long time a go
for an art journal thats now resting at the Brooklyn art lib. USA
So here is my card 
What do u think ??



  1. I loved your inspiration as well as the doodling.You really made waves with that awesome doodling.

  2. I loved your card the moment i saw it on BCG....it really stands out.

  3. Wow ! I loved your painting and card too !

  4. Your card really looks awesome Pooja ..that's fantastic doodling you have done ...and your art journal from which this card is inspired is truly a beautiful piece of art ...its such an Unique work ...love it :)

  5. Hi!
    Thank you for attention to Homyachok challenge blog. I remind you that you need to add a banner of the challenge to this post according to the rules of our blog. And in this very challenge you need to specify which branch of the tree you choose. With cards that will be: creative lettering PLUS one of the following: microbeads, floss or black and white only. Or self made background PLUS extra option: more than 50% covered with doodling, stamping or flowers. Please, specify. :-)
    And now speaking of the card, it's really cute! I love how you added the color and the sentiment speaks for itself ;)
    Good luck!


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