Friday, May 9, 2014

Cupid's coming !

Hello my dear friends !
Welcome back to another post !
I know its been a while , I really was taking a much needed break .... 
My mojo was down and i actually packed up all my craft supplies , 
Till i finally took them out yesterday ! :) 
And now im buzzing with more ideas !

Anyways , I have something nice to share with u all !
I will be joining the itsy bitsy blog as a GD, on fridays with a new segment 
thats gonna be called TGIF with Pooja
Yey ! :D its so much fun to have ur own segment ! :) Im really excited !
I will be sharing my thoughts and projects out there so do check them out . 
today is my first post there
Here is what i made 
 You can find the full details of my project HERE

Thanks for tuning in today !
Until later !

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